James Cooper Rhea

James C. Rhea US Army 1899-1927

Brigadier General James C. Rhea (3/7/1876-8/3/1927). Rhea was appointed to West Point 6/15/1895 and graduated 2/15/1899. From 1899 to the start of World War One, Rhea served in various posts in Cuba, the Philippines, the Mexican Expedition and around the states. Serving in such roles as Inspector Philippine Constabulary and superintendent of Philippine Constabulary School. During WW1, Rhea served as Chief of Staff for the 77th Infantry Division and 2nd Infantry Division earning both a Distinguished Service Cross and Distinguished Service Medal.

After the war, on November 23, 1919, then Col. Rhea helped mediate the Zangezur Peace Agreement between Azerbaijan and Armenia. Also Col. Rhea served as the American rep to the Allied Maritime Transport Executive (1/12/1920-12/11/1920); Chairman of the American Bridgehead Commission, member of the American Relief Administration and American rep. to the Reparations Commission. His final assignment was post commander at Ft. Huachuca, AZ. Rhea retired on June 30, 1927.

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